Inpana & Associates is able to integrate the skills of our experts across disciplines and specializations to solve clients complex business issues.

We provide multi disciplinary services cutting across industry sectors and functional skill areas.

Our services are designed with you in mind………..

Audit & Business Advisory

Helping organizations to comply with the  Companies Act 1965. This service provides a useful base for tax planning and consultancy service. When performing an audit , we are able to check on the effectiveness of your system of accounting , reporting and budgeting , ensuring the right controls are in place . Our services are not limited to helping clients meet various regulatory requirements. Our people are also trained to identify opportunities for clients to improve overall business efficiency and productivity. After all, our services are designed with you in mind. Our expertise includes:

Effects of a Good Audit :

  • your business assets are safe from negligent and criminal   mis-appropriation ,
  • pinpointing and correcting loose procedures and wasteful practices, recommending new ways to strengthen your company controls , rationalizing the organization.
  • suggesting new ways and means for your business to run more cost effectively , restructuring the Business.
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Tax planning and tax efficiency.
  • Statutory Audit
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Management and Operational Audit
  • Special Review and Certification
  • Reporting Accountants for submission to authorities
  • Flotations
  • Special Investigations


Modern day tax legislation has reached such a stage of complexities that an understanding of the many technical ramifications is absolutely essential before maximum tax benefit and relief can be obtained.

Therefore, we at Inpana & Associates , are at the best possible position to appreciate the technicalities and legalities involved , before assessing your current tax situation.

The services that tax advisory provides are ;

  • To produce Annual Tax Computation , have them submitted to the Inland Revenue . If subsequent negotiations become necessary,  we will expertly handle the details to your advantage.
  • To provide Ad Hoc tax advice on specific tax issues from time to time , whenever your business requires.
  • Analying Tax Treatments & maximisng deductibility
  • To handle Tax Investigation matters
  • Identify withholding tax issues and its minimization
  • Review Corporate Structures & identifying tax efficiencies.


To ensure that your business runs on healthy lines , it is important to make sure  that your financial statements are accurate and that books of accounts as well as registers are properly maintained.

For this, the directors or management team of your business may have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort writing up books and preparing accounts, resulting in a diversion of valuable time and attention from other business matters.

Therefore , we can

  • Relieve you of the responsibility
  • Provide you with up to date information and advice on the day to day  management  of your cash flow and budgeting ;
  • Ensuring greater efficiency
  • Increased profitability in the company
  • Able to constantly comply with the statutory obligations (EPF , Taxation etc)
  • Ensure that your periodic auditing is smoothly carried out.

Management Consultancy

We can provide :

  • Feasibility studies of new products and business projects.
  • Funding advice on the capital restructuring and gearing of your company.
  • Assistance in searching for borrowings or equity capital.
  • Evaluation, design and implementation of new systems.
  • Personnel recruitment, from placement of advertisements to interviews and final selection.
  • Financial planning and modeling, corporate planning, operations appraisal, capital investment  appraisal, organizational studies and reports.

Professional Employment Pass

Assisting you in structuring the Company Profile, setting up the master file of the company with the Immigration Department . Preparation, submission and obtaining approval for the expatriates position. Assisting in preparing proposed investment structure/ business profile. Assist in developing organisation chart for new companies to be acceptable by the immigration.


Help assist the Bookkeeping and the Accounting function of your company.

Moreover, your accountant can provide follow through service in ensuring smooth implementation and application of your computerized systems, especially in identifying specific areas where computerization could substantially improve your business efficiency and profits.

Corporate Services

To compliment our services we are able to offer sound corporate services to our clients to help ease their various administrative and secretarial tasks. This enables them to focus on more profitable avenues.

Inpana & Associates Sdn Bhd was incorporated more than 15 years ago, providing professional corporate services to an impressive clientele from various diversified industries.

Our objective is to maintain statutory books , the minutes book, registrar of members, directors, secretaries and directors shareholdings and share certificate book and also the filing of all relevant statutory returns with the registrar of members.

Preparing the relevant documents and forms for  filing to the Companies Commision of Malaysia . Attending to the Board and General Meetings and other requirements of the Companies Act , 1965 for the administration and proper compliance of the Companies ActAdvising your Company on matters relating to Company’s Law and other requirements of the Companies Act 1965 for the administration and proper compliance of companies ac

We can help you :

  • Set up your company, lodgements of the required documents , registration of business names, the submission of various reports connected with the issue of dealing of securities – as well as keeping the required books and registers up to date for you.
  • Preparation of Minutes for Paper Meetings and Resolutions
  • Preparation and filing of Statutory Forms, Resolutions
  • Appointment of Directors ,updating Secretarial Records.
  • Incoporation of a new Company
  • Attending to Registrar of Companies on queries.
  • Company Search.

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